A gift from a stranger…

Today we went to the store and an older man come up to me holding some cash in his hand and said, “Is this all of them? Are they are yours?” I smiled and said, “Yes sir! They are all mine!” He said, “I want to make a bet with you. I bet you each of them can’t eat one dollar’s worth of ice cream.” He handed me all the cash he had in his hand and the kids and I┬áthanked him and assured him he was going to lose that bet.
On the way to the store I was thinking about the world we live in. How it can be so scary and evil and depressing. But how it can also be light and happy and hopeful. I was thinking about how when we surround ourselves with God and goals, refusing to let something small ruin our day, always finding the silver linings and being kind to others this world isn’t such an awful place. Of course bad things still happen, but it doesn’t feel so heavy and negative every day.
That man already had that money in his hand with the bills folded in half before we even crossed paths in the store. He handed me exactly four one dollar bills. I truly believe this was a sign, a gift from God that I learned one of His lessons today. A simple reminder that there is GOOD when you look for it! The kids went on and on about how nice that was of that man to give that to them. They kept saying, “He doesn’t even know us and he was nice to us for no reason.” That sir was worth so much more than four dollars. You truly gave my kids a gift today that they won’t soon forget. I went straight to Dairy Queen and got them each a vanilla cup of ice cream as we went home.

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